About Family Law CASA

Our Mission Statement: Family Law CASA advocates for local children in high-risk custody cases so they have a chance for a safe, secure home life, significantly reducing the risk of abuse and neglect.

Our Racial Equity Values Statement: At Family Law CASA, we exist in response to the family court system that disproportionately impacts BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) families. We strive to uphold the dignity and respect of all individuals by developing transparent and authentic relationships. We aspire to elevate BIPOC voices and experiences in decisions and hold ourselves, leadership and partners accountable through ensuring that we provide equitable advocacy for BIPOC children in court.

CASA stands for court appointed special advocates. CASAs are volunteers who serve as a voice for children in court cases. When a judge or commissioner is seriously worried about the safety or well-being of a child, they appoint a CASA to gather information for the court about that child’s circumstances.

Did you know?

Local children in King County are living with violence, addiction, mental illness and other frightening risk factors in their homes without any social worker or case manager to help them.

Let that sink in for a moment… ¬†Children in family law custody cases (as opposed to dependency or foster care) are not provided with or connected to any protective services. Our mission is to increase the safety and well-being for local children from lower income families that are caught in the middle of high-conflict, high-risk custody cases involving allegations of domestic violence, substance abuse, criminal activity, child abuse or neglect, mental health and/or other risk factors.

Your support can help end the cycle of crisis and dysfunction in the life of a local child. Hear from a volunteer CASA named Anita as she reflects about this crucial work:

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