Children, High-Conflict Custody Battles and Poverty

This part of our website is dedicated to providing general reading, information and tools to understand how children are impacted by conflict, poverty and other challenges common in heated custody battles.  A listing on our website does not constitute endorsement by Family Law CASA and Family Law CASA welcomes suggestions for helpful resources.


Baby’s First Year (Watching for Normal Development)

Connecting With Babies (And Their Responses to Stress)

Early Childhood Mental Health 

Young Children

Sesame Street’s Two Hug Day Video and Toolkit 

Activities to Help Young Children Manage Their Emotions

Teen and PreTeens

Resources for Helping Teens and PreTeens With Family Conflict

Adults and Family

Help for Dealing With a High-Conflict Custody Dispute (and some related articles)

Our Family Wizard (they offer fee waivers based on income)

Professionals, Adults and Family

PBS/Frontline Documentary: Poor Kids (almost an hour long; worth watching)