What to Expect From Family Law CASA

Only a judge or commissioner can appoint Family Law CASA to your case. The judge or commissioner will instruct CASA about what information to gather in an Order Appointing CASA that you should read carefully.

Family Law CASA guides and supports community volunteers to gather information about children’s best interests.  Volunteers are not professional parenting evaluators.  Volunteers need to be 21 years old, pass a criminal background check, complete our intensive training and work within our structured program.

Volunteers have limited time.  They are asked to interview you and the other parent/party, and 1-3 collaterals for each parent/party.  Collaterals are friends, relatives and professionals like teachers & counselors.

When the volunteer has gathered enough information, a written report will be distributed with recommendations about the child’s time with each parent/party, as well as services and supports that promote the child’s safety and well-being.

Please be sure to read our Overview of Services which includes frequently asked questions.  And, if at all possible, talk with an attorney because the process is complicated.  You can find links to free and low-cost legal help on our website.