Meet Henry

Henry’s* teenage parents loved him, but drugs and lack of income led to a violent break up.  Henry’s first year was filled with yelling, crying, police calls and moving from one home to the next.  Henry was hyper-reactive, didn’t like to be held and wasn’t walking at 18 months. He cried almost continually and he was underweight.

One night Henry’s mother unexpectedly dropped him off at his great grandparents and didn’t return for 5 days.  Henry’s great-grandparents filed a petition for custody and the whole family was caught in a heated, hurtful custody battle.

Imagine the stress Henry experienced and the effect on his development.  What if there were services to help Henry, his parent’s and his whole family?  The good news is that you gave Henry an advocate of his very own who researched and recommended the right services.

Henry is living with his great-grandparents and he sees both his mom and dad almost every day.  Because you provided the connection to services, the family is optimistic the parents will stabilize over the next couple of years.  Henry’s parents and extended family are now working together for Henry’s sake.

*names, images & details about the children featured on our website are varied to protect their privacy