Domestic Violence Services and Information

Issues and allegations about domestic violence are complicated. Finding the right supports and services can be difficult. Resources listed on our website are for the purpose of empowering you to find the right services, whether services are self-chosen or ordered by a court.

Remember that these emotional issues are impacted by legal factors. If at all possible, talk with a lawyer of your own so you know what options you have and can prepare for court.

DV Victim/Survivor Services

DV Perpetrator/Aggressor Services

Children’s DV Classes and Services

If you are in crisis, please call one of the following services for help:

24-Hour Crisis Line 866-4-CRISIS (866-427-4747)
King County 2-1-1: Dial 2-1-1 or 800-621-4636 (M–F 8am–6pm)
24-Hour WA Recovery Help Line 866-789-1511
Teen Link 866-833-6546 (Evenings 6–10pm)

Family Law CASA does not endorse any organization listed; the information is simply provided to assist those seeking resources. These lists may not be complete and do not include those in private practice. Suggestions for additional resources to be listed are welcome.