Introducing the Fund Their Future Campaign

We are excited to announce a multi-year gift campaign with an overall goal of raising $750,000 to ensure that Family Law CASA’s work with children is able to continue thriving in the years to come.

Make a multi-year pledge and join the Sustainer Circle

Your multi-year gift is a gift that keeps giving and has benefits for both you and Family Law CASA. It gives you the opportunity to watch the impact of your investment grow over time while also receiving a tax-deduction throughout the years. Family Law CASA benefits from your multi-year gift by allowing us to receive support now, while giving us the ability to also plan for the future. The Fund Their Future campaign is designed to support and sustain our advocacy program. For more information, please contact Lisa Johnston at development@familylawcasa.org

Lead Gifts Pooled as Matching Funds to Inspire Your Giving
The Northstar Foundation
The Grousemont Foundation
Jill Geary & Neil Beaton
The Knossos Foundation
The Ellison Foundation
Korynne & Jeffrey Wright
Marty and Sue Petersen

Thanks to our lead donors we have received $715,000 in matching fund gifts to inspire you to increase your gift and pledge a multiple year commitment.

What Does the Campaign Allow Family Law CASA to Achieve?
From 2022 through 2025 we will:

  • Advocate for 750 kids, ensuring they are in the best environment to be successful, safe, and healthy.
  • Recruit and support 200 volunteer advocates to provide excellent reports to the King County Courts.
  • Secure sustainable and new funding streams to ensure our long-term success.
  • Diversify staff, board, and advocates and embed equity into our programs and organization
  • Explore new strategic ways to expand our impact and better serve low-income kids in our community.

Why a Multi-Year Campaign?

In 2010 we were given a special gift in order to add more staff to increase the number of children we could help each year.  The board has approved utilizing that special gift fund each year to fund a portion of our operations that is not funded by annual fundraising.

In order to meet our current operating needs and not completely dissipate the special gift fund we need to increase our annual revenue significantly over the next three years. The Fund Their Future campaign will increase giving and help close the current gap between expenses and income, ensuring our long-term success.

Join the Sustainer Circle Now

The Sustainer Circle
Many thanks to those who have already committed to the Fund Their Future Campaign to ensure long-term help for CASA kids.

Lead Matching Pool 
The Northstar Foundation
The Grousemont Foundation
Jill Geary & Neil Beaton
The Knossos Foundation
The Ellison Foundation
Korynne & Jeffrey Wright
Marty and Sue Petersen


Anne Read-Andersen and Erich Andersen
Alden Garrett and Charles Erickson
Blake and Missy Hilty
Brad and Sasha Elias
Bobbe and Jon Bridge
Bryan Digel and Daihong Chen
Cadence Miller
Caroline Davis
Chad Driesbach
Christine Chang and Steve Bush
Darcia and Gary Tudor
Deidre McCormack Martin and Ted Martin
Edward and Deborah Greenleaf
Elizabeth Park
Frank and Della Houston
Gary Sampson
Helen Halpert and Alan Zarky
Hillary Collyer and Joaquin Rivamonte
Jamie Polito Johnston and James Johnston
Jacqueline Balinbin
Jean Rietschel and Lois Thetford
Jennifer Fournier
Jennifer Thomsen and David Olsen
Julie C. Maloney
Kellie and Nate McKenna
Dr. Melanie English
Larry Engel and Kate Battuello
Laurie Stewart
Lauren and Craig Aldinger
Leslie Byrnes Jiranek
Linda and Wally Walker
Dr. Lorna Tumwebaze
Megan Charles
Mei Shih
Page Perey and Mahlon Meyer
Polly Lenssen
Sherri M Anderson
Veronica Quinonez Law, PLLC
Wyman Youth Trust and Merrily Wyman

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