Meet Kylie

Kylie sat cross-legged on the floor and rocked back and forth as the other children at the shelter played noisily around her. At 5 years old, Kylie spent the past year moving with her mom between domestic violence shelters and temporary housing. Kylie appeared oblivious to the stress and chaos around her as she withdrew into her own world.

Kylie wasn’t able to process the violence she witnessed between her parents and her mom offered little comfort as she battled to manage her medications as well as her moods. A screening indicated that Kylie was autistic but no one ever followed up. Kylie was lost and isolated with no one to help her.

You changed Kylie’s life. You gave Kylie her own advocate who recommended services for Kylie and for her family. Kylie is consistently attending her developmental preschool and speech therapy services. She and her mom live in an apartment and Kylie will transition to a kindergarten class this fall. Because of your help, Kylie has a real chance for a safe and healthy future.

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