Meet Six-Year Old Jaxon

It started when Jaxon’s* mom wouldn’t wake up. She drank a lot of beer and took some “stuff” — and it scared him. She looked sort of blue. Jaxon helped his dad carry her to their car and they drove super fast to the emergency room. But they couldn’t stay at the ER to find out if she would be ok, because Jaxon’s dad was not allowed to be around his mom. Jaxon was a terrified little boy. Jaxon’s life had completely fallen apart. He ended up living at his cousin’s house because his dad got in trouble. At school, Jaxon hit other kids and told his teachers he was going to run away. He drew violent pictures and said he wanted to hurt other kids. Thankfully your gift helped Jaxon by providing him with a CASA who connected Jaxon with lots of people who helped him feel better. Eventually he made new friends and settled into living in a stable home with his cousins.

Jaxon would have been a statistic, but now he has a real chance to have a bright future.

*names, images & details about the children featured on our website are varied to protect their privacy

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