From Our CASA Volunteers

“I knew CASA was all about the kids and that’s what was important to me, was the kids. You know, the interviews are the easy part it seems. It’s the writing the summary and the  recommendations that are the, the difficult part. I mean, how do you tell a child, ‘Well, you can’t see your mom anymore.'” – John, Court-Appointed Special Advocate

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“The child has their entire life ahead of them, and the things that happen in childhood, you know, just compound. To have a supportive adult who can guide you through childhood is really invaluable.” – Byron, Court-Appointed Special Advocate

“So, the immediate impact is huge. But also, I know the long-term impact having been impacted by having an advocate myself when my parent were going through their, um, custody battle and, and the, or you know, custody case, um [chuckles], I know that I would not have the life that I have today had I not had an advocate who was really sharing my voice with the court system, and allowing the Court  to understand what I, as a child, needed and what felt safest for me.” – Tara, Court-Appointed Special Advocate

“We’re able to paint a picture of who that child is and give them a voice, um, where we might not necessarily hear that.” – Chelsea, Court-Appointed Special Advocate

“Family Law CASA is just such an incredibly necessary part of his life, and he will probably not remember me, but I will remember him, and I will remember him as I’m working on more cases. One of the things that he said to me was that, um, ‘My mommy is in trouble.’ And I just, [breathes out] I felt that, that’s the weight of the shoulder, on um, on a four-year-old’s shoulders. He’s just so small and he shouldn’t have to, shouldn’t have to feel that.” – Samantha, Court-Appointed Special Advocate

“My hope is that my efforts as advocate help the courts make the best decision for children. Setting them on a positive trajectory to live happy, safe and loved lives.” – Rosa, Court-Appointed Special Advocate