Meet David

David* couldn’t sleep.  He was too frightened and worried.  His mom had been arrested – again.  David had been hiding upstairs listening to his mom yell at the police officers.  He heard her screaming in the police car as it drove away. He didn’t mind staying at his grandparents’ house, but he lay awake in the night wondering if his mom was ok in jail.

David’s mom was rail thin.  She looked like a skeleton and David was always in trouble.  He noticed how people looked at his mom when they went to the store and he didn’t like it.  He wished people wouldn’t stare at her. David’s grandparents were angrier than he had ever seen them.  They yelled at the officers telling them they couldn’t take anymore.  They told the police they were too old to raise a kid. They said they were “done.” David felt sick thinking about what might happen in the morning.

David would still be losing sleep if not for CASA.  People like you gave David the gift of an advocate who connected David and his grandparents with supportive services, including counseling & after school help.  Now David’s world is calmer and his grandparents can take good care of him.

*names, images & details about the children featured on our website are varied to protect their privacy

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