Legal Help

Ask for help as soon as possible.  Setting an appointment at a free legal clinic or processing paperwork for a free/low attorney can take weeks.

Not sure what kind of help you need or think you may need help accessing social services? The Seattle Public Library has Staff Community Resource Specialists ready to assist you. Call (206)286-4636 or visit https://www.spl.org/programs-and-services/civics-and-social-services/social-services-referrals for more information.

Help is Available at the Courthouse

There are people at the court to help you, called Family Law Facilitators. They can’t give you legal advice like a lawyer, but they can help you with questions about which forms to fill out, how to process those forms and what is due next for your case.
Click here for:  Family Law Facilitators

Free Lawyers

Try your best to talk with a lawyer. There are free lawyers available to answer questions at legal clinics and you might qualify for a free lawyer to take your case.
Click here for:

CLEAR hotline (1-888-201-1014 M-F 9:15am – 12:15pm)

King County Bar Association Free Legal Help

Neighborhood Legal Clinic website

Neighborhood Legal Clinic brochure

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Phone: 206-587-4009/ 800-445-5771

Eastside Legal Assistance Program
Phone: 425.747.7274
Email: info@elap.org

Northwest Justice Project
Phone: In King County call 2-1-1

King County Bar Association
Phone: 206-267-7070

Legal Voice

Phone: (206) 682-9552.

Washington Law Help


Snohomish County Legal Services
Phone: 425.258.9283
Email: information@snocolegal.org

Low-Cost Lawyers

If you don’t qualify for a free lawyer, there is a program called the Moderate Means Program that can connect you to a lawyer willing to represent you at a reduced price.
Click here for:  Moderate Means Program

Work at the Library

If you don’t have anyplace to work, the library can be a great resource. They have wifi Hot Spots you can check out, as well as tablets and laptops at 15 branches. They can also help you fax documents ($1.00 for the first page, and $0.50 for any pages after that). Call (206)386-4636 or contact a librarian at https://www.spl.org/using-the-library/ask-us for more information.

Why Won’t CASA Just Tell Me What To Do?

Only a lawyer who is working with you can give you legal advice.  Family Law CASA cannot give you advice about your rights, about what legal steps you should take or what you should do for the court.  Family Law CASA cannot interpret court orders for you or tell you what to if you or the other party does not follow the court orders.  This is why it is so important for you to try your best to talk with a lawyer of your own.